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Club de motoneigistes du Saguenay Inc.
          Our club is one the first snowmobile clubs founded in the provence of Quebec . It was formed by fusioning four regional clubs in 1978(see history). Principal gateway entering the Saguenay region, we groom and upkeep 478km of federated trails and we are part of the "FCMQ"(federation of snowmobile club of Quebec) for the upkeep of our trails,there are five groomers aged between 2001 & 2014 which are located at four different garages across the Saguenay region in which the upkeep of the machines take place. Also,very important, a great team of 70 benevols that whitout,the club would be just a dream. We are proud to be part of one of the most beautiful Clubs in Quebec !!!!
By the occasion,we proudly present you "Vroum Vroum",
our Club Mascot, who is unique in Quebec!